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December 5, 2013
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Terry Ref by EhX-KoR Terry Ref by EhX-KoR


This sadomasochistic cannibal certainly has had a rough life, but he's definitely enjoying himself now. At age 17 and 6'2", Terry's grown as a keen survivalist for majority of his life, though the mental impact has indeed long taken a toll already. Acting solely on instinct, hallucinations and schizophrenia easily get the better of him, which could easily lead to downfall at any given time. PTSD has also had a large impact on him, as he not only witnessed the death of his own parents up close, but had also unknowingly taken part in it, but being about three at the time, he didn't know any different. He nearly starved to death multiple times during the next two years until he learned to hunt by watching others when he was around four or five years old. After that, while he was able to finally fulfill his basic needs, other problems quickly took the place of the old ones, Schizophrenia taking on another level of madness in his innocent child mind. He was soon given the idea people among other creatures were all after him, driving him to further his hunting and defense skills to perfection.
Around that same time was when Ryu found him, he being just a year under Terry. In fact, the four-year-old gave Terry the name he goes by now, as up until then he had just been calling himself "V", whatever that meant. Because he had met Ryu by the elementary school playground, He had also soon become known with Allison as well. Now of course, Terry never actually went to school as an official student, however he often stuck around, observing the other kids from hiding places all around different classrooms.
This kept up for years, even after one day when he was caught at the age of 12 by 11-year-old Rhin. That same fateful day, a knife fight between three older kids had taken place in the schoolyard, just within the boundaries of the area. There, he was accidentally stabbed, which almost immediately unleashed more of the madness inside him, eating away every last bit of sanity remaining in him, as he slaughtered the three older kids like it was a simple everyday job. That marked the day he began hunting other people, which led to cannibalism just a few hours later.
Around that same time, Ryu had disappeared, Allison doing the exact same nearly two year earlier. He was alone then, or almost alone anyway. Absolutely fascinated with him, Rhin tagged along with Terry all the time, and she had soon gotten caught up in the killer's life alongside him, until she was taken away two years later.
Soon enough, Ryu and Terry had met up again, nearly three years later. Neither of them had remembered the other, the both of them changed so much in so little time, they were almost unrecognizable to one another. Right then and there, birthed and grew Terry's love for others pain and suffering, his old lifelong buddy Ryu becoming his first victim. However, he possessed another trait, almost controversial to his enjoyment of torture- the hero-homicide game. To keep his toy from breaking completely, he constantly threw Ryu around, slicing through him and ripping him apart until he was so close to death the both of them could taste it, then left him for a little before he began fixing him up, allowing him at least some time to recover before the cycle repeated itself. Week after week, month after month, it continued, the same thing over and over, until it finally stopped. Ryu had been forgotten.
During this time, schizophrenia and madness had continued to take over Terry's entire being, pushing him to do the unthinkable. He no longer killed for survival, but for the fun- for the high he forever craved. Soon enough alcohol had made its way into his life, soon consuming him as well. He craved the blood of his victims, he needed their screams of pain and suffering. He enjoyed it.
The tips of his hair oxidize when cut off, the chemicals inside changing colour the moment they're exposed to oxygen. His tongue is approximately 20 kilometers (12 miles approx.) and stretched through his entire body, causing him to not be required to eat for up to two weeks as the digestion process can take up to that long. Because of this, it's become extremely difficult for him to gain weight, and he tends to lose it faster than he can replace it, which can lead to medical problems later on if not taken care of. His eyes and the green parts on his tongue are both bio-luminescent, which is easily noticed in near total or total darkness. Along with that, he carries an adrenaline venom, where when he bites someone, the adrenaline is injected into their system, which is why he's able to keep his victims alive for so long without them passing out. Injected in fairly small doses, it would take a lot of bites for someone to die from an overdose of it.
Ryu's alternate Switch has also shamelessly (and very whorishly) stolen Terry's virginity. Also, Terry is bisexual. Terry is NOT GAY, Tyler!

I definitely feel better now o3o
If I remember anything, I'll add it in later.

now have a random sad sad SAD song… c:

Colour refs here- Skin colour, Hair colour

Featured for December 2013

Terry is my cannibalistic asshole who can't help it. No you can't have him hnkh~ :I
Drawing ~EhX-KoR

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enjoi :D
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age 17
looks 21
sex:female (but ftm gender queer)
EhX-KoR Feb 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Ooh o3o
0mg this character is AWSEOME!!!!!!!! :)
EhX-KoR Jan 31, 2014  Student General Artist
aaaaa thanks o3o
heey where've you been? ;3;
ahh u no, some shit happned an i totally forgot about DA! haha
EhX-KoR Feb 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh xD well nice to see you back man o3o
Here is the girl ver. srry I'm super late I made a while back but I didn't know much about Devianart and well here it is :…
EhX-KoR Jan 3, 2014  Student General Artist
mf thanks luv it's beautiful owo
EhX-KoR Jan 5, 2014  Student General Artist
oke eue
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